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Date: 31.03.2005
Author: libbe miller
Entry: 20

.....the site is absolutely beautiful! Such an encouragement ... I pray you will be abundantly blessed each day. The pictures and scripture captions are awesome ... meaningful ... strengthening.
Oh, that I could have each one to frame and place all over my home! Just beautiful ...
Many thanks ... 'libbe'

Date: 23.03.2005
Author: Jeff TSHIVUADI
Entry: 19
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I wish Showers of Blessings to my Precious Lovely Brother Daniel for this Wonderful WebSite.

May the Lord bless you so much as we are in great expectation of the Rapture


Date: 20.03.2005
Author: Ruth
Entry: 18
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Dear Bro.,

The wallpapers are a real blessings.. I have combined them for my pc as a screensaver..

Can I share it with my Christian friends?

God Bless You,
Sister. Ruth.

Date: 14.03.2005
Author: Ruth
Entry: 17

May God Richly Bless you!
A Wonderful Inspiration..

Date: 12.03.2005
Author: Lidia Santa(Vasilica)
Entry: 16

Hello br. Daniel,
I really enjoy the photos from your site. Nice work.
God richly bless you!
Greetings to your family. We are waiting to see us soon on the other side.
PS. thanks for singing in my guest book ;)

Date: 11.03.2005
Author: qhubeka
Entry: 15

may god richly bless you! please keep up this wonderful ministry, it's soothing to the heart and food for the soul. To see the wonders of GOd in every corner is a blessed thing. may you continue in your wonderful work, it's just what i need!

Date: 07.03.2005
Author: Kenneth
Entry: 14

Thanks for the Pictures...god bless You.

Date: 02.03.2005
Author: Margaret Mamabolo
Entry: 13

I thank God for people like you who are willing to be a blessing to others. I have been searching for a website like this for a long time. God bless you, Hallelujah!

Date: 02.03.2005
Author: Arnon Boyd
Entry: 12
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Just wanted to thank you for thinking of others.
My wife and I do a little bit of wildlife photography. If you would like to view a few decent ones, let me know where to forward them.

Arnon & Evelyn Boyd
Dallas, Texas

Date: 17.02.2005
Author: Daniel
Country: Germany
Entry: 11

Hi Linda,
you simply click on the link under the photo you want to get as your wallpaper. Please choose here the right resolution (a description how to find out your desktop resolution you will find on the mainpage). The photo is going to be loaded and when it is finished please click right mouse button on that photo. Remember - a right click pops up a menu, a list of choices. Look for the choice that says "Set as Wallpaper" or "Set as Background",
and click it with a normal left click.

I hope I could help you
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