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Date: 14.02.2006
Author: Ann
Country: Canada
Entry: 80

thanks for doing this.
I'm always looking for new wallpaper, and these are lovely, with their Scriptures.

Date: 09.02.2006
Author: martina
Country: usa
Entry: 79

i totaly love those pictures and could stare at them for hours keep on doing pictures like that PLEASE
love them love them love them (:

Date: 08.02.2006
Author: Chris
Country: us
Entry: 78

Gorgeously, beautiful pics, keep it up!

Date: 30.01.2006
Author: Maiverine
Country: Thailand
Entry: 77

Pics are very beautiful. i love your pics.

Date: 25.01.2006
Author: Milton Rosa
Country: Brazil
Entry: 76

I loved the wall papers. Very good quality pictures and inspirational biblical passages. May God bless you. Jesus Christ Is The Same Yesterday, And Today, And Forever HEBREWS 13:8

Date: 04.01.2006
Author: Terry
Entry: 75

The beauty of your pics and the Word Of God are great, I hope you contiune this is the work of the lord. And many thanks

Date: 04.01.2006
Author: patsy dionne
Country: fl.
Entry: 74

hi i like have wallpaper on my computer each days thanks

Date: 03.01.2006
Author: candice
Country: usa
Entry: 73

I loved the pictures and scriptures on them thank you for this wonderful site. I put you on my favorites list and will be back again.


Date: 02.01.2006
Author: Robin
Country: MAINE - USA
Entry: 72

Love the wallpaper. Awesome Photo's

Date: 28.12.2005
Author: Shawn M
Country: Canada
Entry: 71

I really appreciate this site and the verses in the pictures.
My wife suffers from seasonal (lack of sunshine) depression and I send her these every few weeks to brighten her day.

God Bless!

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