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Date: 03.04.2006
Author: Rejected Stone
Entry: 90

This is absolutely incredible, i never thought they had sites like this. I enjoy looking at quality photography, but to see it with scripture is refreshingly original....keep up the good work, you'd be surprised how many lives you touch with this ministry. May God continue to bless you, be encouraged.

Date: 27.03.2006
Author: Tim
Country: USA
Entry: 89


I needed an extra push to get away from my old gaming habits, and I believe this provided it.

I like the way God works. =)

I'm glad that there's a site like this that exists.

Date: 23.03.2006
Author: Gaetano
Country: Italy
Entry: 88
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Congratulations, beautiful images and inspirational verses from the Bible, great idea! I've built a website about Words of Wisdom, you're cordially invited to join my website, there are also some reflections in English...God bless you!

Date: 15.03.2006
Author: Augustin
Entry: 87

God Bless you and the works that you do. Ab

Date: 13.03.2006
Author: Amy
Entry: 86

Thanks for these beautiful pics and the appropriate scripture. I lost my mom in August and found much comfort in the pics here.

Date: 10.03.2006
Author: John C Curtis
Country: USA
Entry: 85
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Thank you for these marvelous and inspiring pictures.

Date: 08.03.2006
Author: Simon
Entry: 84

Echt schön die neue Seite.
Gefällt mir echt gut das neue Design.
.....weiter so.
Ic hhoffe wir sehen uns mal bals wieder .

...bis dann!!


Date: 08.03.2006
Author: husnain
Country: Pakistan
Entry: 83

I am rearly very happy to find this site i have collected almost all images given in the site thanks to Cristine for making it free for downloading it makes my work easy i am a graphic designer just entered the world of designing so i have to collect lot of images so if you launch or know any other site of good images but free so kindly tell me i will wait for some response thanks onece again
Husnain Abid

Date: 24.02.2006
Author: Babbett
Entry: 82

I was so excited to find your website! I have been looking for Christian Desktops with scripture. Its very inspirational and you know its safe to use. Thank you for making this a free service!!

Date: 20.02.2006
Author: Carlos
Country: x-cuba-spain-usa-x
Entry: 81

Great in the light and in the messagge, so let the light be always with us
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