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Date: 09.06.2006
Author: Daniel Lenghel
Country: Romania
Entry: 100

Wow ... you brothers have a real talent on this one.. I really like your pictures and you are doing a great job. I apreciate you !!
God bless you reachly!

Date: 09.06.2006
Author: webmaster
Country: Germany
Entry: 99

Hi Timmy,

ich hoffe, dass du mit deiner neuen Kamera einen Beitrag für Christian-Pics leisten kannst


Date: 09.06.2006
Author: Timothy Vossaert
Entry: 98

hi daniel,
sitz gerade in der Schule.
Wir durften ins Internet.
Hab gestern abend die Kamera bestellt.
bis dann

Date: 07.06.2006
Author: Samuel Eddiah
Country: Malaysia
Entry: 97

Wow! I am going to share this photos with my friend, Rose. Thanks.

Date: 02.06.2006
Author: Butt3rfly
Country: Romania
Entry: 96

I like very much the photos.. but guys.. have you really taken that pics? It's just great.. God created a wonderful world.. but I'm sure in heaven will be much more beautiful ..
God bless you!

Date: 29.04.2006
Author: hilary
Country: zimbabwe
Entry: 95

Uh this is a wonderful site brother, very uplifting and spiritual may the good lord bless you..

Date: 14.04.2006
Author: Donna
Entry: 94

These pics are very beautiful and the scriptures very encouraging.

Date: 07.04.2006
Author: Niché
Country: England
Entry: 93

This is such a beautiful conept.
I'm greatful for this site
God bless!

Date: 06.04.2006
Author: anita
Country: Singapore
Entry: 92

Very Encouraging and uplifting! Thank you

Date: 03.04.2006
Author: George
Country: Kenya
Entry: 91

God bless you all for the good work
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