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Date: 15.07.2006
Author: Adam
Entry: 110

Hallo. Die Seite ist super Grüsse

Date: 13.07.2006
Author: akos
Country: Slovakia
Entry: 109

awesome artworks with the Word of the Lord. i really appreciate them. thanks for you shared this. the Lord bless you!

Date: 12.07.2006
Author: alleta
Entry: 108

thank you so much for these wallpapers, may the Lord bless you richly in this work you have done. Now I got something worthwhile to look at when I switch my computer on. Again I say thank you and God bless you all.

Date: 12.07.2006
Author: Rumbi
Country: Zimbabwe
Entry: 107

Grand thanx for the wallpapers. I liked them.


Date: 12.07.2006
Author: connie
Entry: 106

Blessings to you for your 'desktop' ministry...I pray God reward you a hundred fold!

Date: 04.07.2006
Author: GEO
Country: INDIA
Entry: 105

YO..Great work bros...GOD bless you mightly for taking HIS precious WORD in building your fellow brothers...GOD lead you in what all u do...

Date: 29.06.2006
Author: Jurata
Country: Lithuania
Entry: 104

that is what i call 'wallpapers'! nice job, you all who did it

be blessed!

J.K. <><

Date: 17.06.2006
Author: Tepan
Country: Indonesia
Entry: 103

Really thanks...may God bless u for thiz great job...kewl kewl.....helped me alot..

Date: 16.06.2006
Author: saron
Country: germany
Entry: 102

may god richly bless u for this oppurtunity !!!!

Go on like this , bless u all

Date: 13.06.2006
Author: Ivan
Country: Singapore
Entry: 101

Dear Bro, the photos are very nice! Thanks for offering them for download. God bless your good work!
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