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Date: 30.08.2006
Author: melissa
Country: canada
Entry: 120

You have a beautiful website, thanks for the great wallpapers!!!ontario, canada-melissa

Date: 27.08.2006
Author: rebekka
Country: deutsch
Entry: 119

hallo ihr..
die Bilder sind echt schön.
Danke für die mühe.

Date: 16.08.2006
Author: Linu
Country: India
Entry: 118

Hi, I'm so delighted that i found this wonderful site. I must say that the verses are really encouraging ones. God bless u richly & help u continue to do this great task!!

Date: 15.08.2006
Author: rima
Country: australia
Entry: 117

Hi, just happened to click on this page while searching for Christian wallpapers. I think you're doing good, and I hope you continue the good work. I already used one of your wallpapers, and would definitely use another one in the future. Thanks.. and please do add more pics. To have scriptures on my desktop is refreshing and remind me that I'm not alone.

Date: 01.08.2006
Author: Daniel (Webmaster)
Entry: 116

Hi Ana,
thank you for your kind entry in this guestbook. I asked Steve immediatly and he gave me this information about his camera: Canon 20D + 70-200L

I hope I could help you. You're welcome if you also would like to share your photos by offering them for christian-pics.

God bless,

Date: 31.07.2006
Author: Roland
Country: Canada
Entry: 115

Hi Daniel,

Passed by ~

God blessings,

Date: 30.07.2006
Author: Ana
Country: Bucharest
Entry: 114

Hallo Daniel, I love the pictures from your site, long time ago I was seeking for something like this...
I have a question: what camera did S. Vossaert use for the "His Thought" picture from "Water"section?
God richly bless you for your job over there in Germany.

Date: 25.07.2006
Author: Rebecca
Entry: 113

Hey Daniel,
die Seite wird immer schöner. Es ist schön ab und zu mal reinzuschauen.

Date: 22.07.2006
Author: Nell
Country: Netherlands
Entry: 112

Great job! I love the wallpapers, especially Mountains Faith.
May God bless you!

Date: 21.07.2006
Author: Jeff Strain
Country: USA
Entry: 111

so beautiful. thank you
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