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Date: 30.10.2006
Author: Christine Graham
Country: Tucson, AZ USA
Entry: 130

I agree what all these guest says about your beautiful pictures with precious Words that will never dies. If it's ok, I want to pass them along for others who can also do the same. My! This is one another good to spead the Good News.

Date: 28.10.2006
Author: Peniel Issiyo
Country: Belgium
Entry: 129

Just want here to bless in the name of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus-Christ all beleivers of the end time Message. May our Lord give us grace to live in our daily life the life of this message.

Date: 24.10.2006
Author: Ashton
Entry: 128

Quote [You know, I don't know of any greater thing that anyone could ask for me, than to say, "God bless you." See? If He'll do that, that's all I need, just--just that. I think that's the greatest word in the--in the dialect, "God bless you." And now... And I know He does.]

---Adopted from the Message: Going Beyond The Camp by Rev William M. Branham

Date: 24.10.2006
Author: robin
Country: india
Entry: 127

hi this is really awesome wallpapers are there i am going to crave this image in my door and i will send u my pic to this website

Date: 24.10.2006
Author: Noel
Country: Canada
Entry: 126

Thank you for your wonderful website. I am glad to have your wallpapers in my computers. It is really blessing for everybody. God will bless you in the mighty name of Jesus.
Thank you,

Date: 21.10.2006
Author: Daniel (Webmaster)
Entry: 125

Thank you "Anonymous" for your kind words and also for informing me about the wrong bible verse. I corrected it immediatly and added 3 more wallpapers.

I wish I could accelerate in adding more wallpapers and hope to find more time for thís. I really can tell you it is a blessing for me to read all these comments. It encourages and helps me a lot.

Thank you all!

Date: 21.10.2006
Author: Anonymous
Entry: 124

It's interesting to note that I was searching for wallpaper's that have scriptures in them. I thank you a lot for spending your time, also I would like to add reading from your home page it said that you were trying to find some christian wallpapers as well. But you made an effort to help those who were trying to look for christian wallpapers. May God Bless you and your endeavors, and please add more pics. Oh I looked at a verse just to make sure you had the right verses in your wallpapers. One of the verses came from the waters selection that had Genesis 1:2 quoted, it is actually Genesis 1:6. Just wanted to let you know so people won't have the wrong verse when they put it up as their desktop background

Date: 11.09.2006
Author: groove
Country: Finland
Entry: 123

Terveiset täältä Suomesta! Aivan mahtavia kristillisiä kuvia! Siunausta!(= god bless you)

Date: 04.09.2006
Author: shane
Country: Trinidad & Tobago
Entry: 122

This website is really blessed. The pictures are really inspiring and i'm sure will brighten the day of many of my friends.

Date: 03.09.2006
Author: Chelsea Buns
Country: Ontario, Canada
Entry: 121

Nice Pictures! thanks!
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