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Date: 10.11.2011
Author: Cecile Schmitt
Country: South-Africa
Entry: 310

I love the beautiful pictures!!. What a blessing! Thank you

Date: 11.10.2011
Author: nysa
Country: philippines
Entry: 309

this site is truly a blessing! so bless wd wallpapers wd verses...God is glorified in wd ur site! SOLI DEO GLORIA!

Date: 04.10.2011
Author: Jeremy
Country: USA
Entry: 308

Wow! Just what I was looking for. You are a great inspiration Thank you for the high-quality widescreen wallpaper. A true blessing. Shalom from Arizona

Date: 01.10.2011
Author: Verna Brown
Country: United States
Entry: 307

this is very exciting and a Godsend

Date: 30.09.2011
Author: Teresa Johnson
Country: us
Entry: 306

Love your site! I hope you are able to continue this great start

Date: 20.09.2011
Author: Verna C. Brown
Country: United States
Entry: 305

Thank God For this ministry it is a blessing.

Date: 05.09.2011
Author: Jide Bello
Country: Nigeria
Entry: 304

Lovely pics collection you have put together here.May the Lord enrich your ministry.Agape.

Date: 12.08.2011
Author: LISA
Country: Uganda
Entry: 303

wonderful pics. you are doing a great Job. Ilove Jesus and am sure he is smiling at your work. Blessings

Date: 30.07.2011
Author: Bunio Wilson
Country: India (Manipur)
Entry: 302

I've never seen like these wonderful wallpapers yet. Thank you so much. May the good Lord bless you all.

Date: 16.05.2011
Author: julie
Country: usa
Entry: 301

so wonderful to see free kjv verse walpapers! God bless you for this work you are doing. KJV is so hard to find, and is my only beloved word of God. this is a blessing! thank you!
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