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Date: 12.01.2007
Author: Betsy Sheena
Country: India
Entry: 140

Fundastic Site... The selection of Bible verse is so wonderful. Photos are very sweet. Nice. May God bless all of you, behind the site.

Date: 11.01.2007
Author: dinesh
Country: India
Entry: 139

this is very wonderful used to improve my faith...this site contains fantastic wallpapers....this is a treasure...

Date: 05.01.2007
Author: Twisternl
Entry: 138

Cmon spammers, dont put that stupid links in your posts!

Beautiful site, very nice pictures! I want to see more!

Date: 04.01.2007
Author: Brenda
Entry: 137

Wauw!! Very nice website, beautiful! Makes you realise again al the wonders God has made

Date: 31.12.2006
Author: Richard
Country: The netherlands
Entry: 136

Nice pictures! Thanks for publishing them!

Date: 23.12.2006
Author: rose lim
Country: philippines
Entry: 135

hi thank you for your wonderful website.
i am glad to have your wallpaper in my colection

Thank you

Date: 06.12.2006
Author: Lori S.
Country: Montana USA
Entry: 134

Thankyou so much. I get to see the beauty of God all around me and I rejoice in that, but on this site I get to carry some with me on my laptop as well so that when others see it they will be curious about them and hopefully about the scriptures that are found thereon as well.

Many blessings!

Date: 17.11.2006
Author: The Hubbards
Country: Tennessee, USA
Entry: 133

Wonderful site. Thank you, very helpful.

Date: 09.11.2006
Author: Daniel
Entry: 132

Hi Ana,

I do remember
Timothy really made a very good job and I look forward for more!

God bless,

Date: 05.11.2006
Author: Ana
Country: Bucharest-Romania
Entry: 131

hey.....I just want to say "congratulation" to little Timothy for his work....remeber Daniel, he told you he bought a camera and now he really did some great pictures & if he sees this: "hey good job!".
All the best from Bucharest, Romania!
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