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Date: 19.04.2007
Author: Joel Naidoo
Country: South africa
Entry: 160

Hello Daniel, your pics are very nice but i would like some pics on say the cross or christian art.

Date: 19.04.2007
Author: Michal
Country: Deutschland
Entry: 159

Hallo Daniel, die Seite ist echt sehr schön, es freut mich, dass es für so viele ein Segen ist. Die Photografen deiner Website haben echt Talent
Gott segne dich für deine Arbeit

Date: 12.04.2007
Author: Deborah
Country: US
Entry: 158

You may not have alot like you said BUT what you do have is VERY NICE !!! Thankyou for sharing your work,,,,,right off the bat i found a pic I had been looking for a long time to match with one I already had that I had found on another site,,,,,,thankyou,,,,your pics are very clear and I love the scriptures.

Date: 10.04.2007
Author: Vagelis
Country: Greece
Entry: 157

Well done for your ideas and photos. It is nice to find such pages in the net.

May God bless you and your family.


Date: 09.04.2007
Author: Isabel Perez
Country: United States
Entry: 156

Wonderful & Inspirational! Thank you....I will share the Christian Wallpaper with others! God Bless this page!!

Date: 09.04.2007
Author: Isabel Perez
Country: United States
Entry: 155

Wonderful & Inspirational! Thank you....

Date: 31.03.2007
Author: Carol
Country: US
Entry: 154

Great site Thanks so much. Thank you for serving the Lord with Gladness.

Date: 28.03.2007
Author: A Christian
Entry: 153

One of the best such sites I have found.I also enjoy the bible version used.I now use the pics on my pc at home and I am inspired each day as I use my pc a lot.
Thanks a lot,

Date: 15.03.2007
Author: Ava Jean Aldovino - Negrillo
Country: Philippines
Entry: 152

Beautiful pictures. Reminds me of God's goodness. God bless.

Date: 09.03.2007
Author: CharlieJ
Entry: 151

This site reminds me of the "old days" of the Internet, when people did things to help each other and provide cool ideas free. THANKS for the reminder, the excellent photography and the biblical inspiration.
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