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Date: 24.09.2007
Author: Jacquiline
Country: USA
Entry: 180

What a gem. This is a lovely site . God bless you and those associated with this site

Date: 22.09.2007
Author: alex
Country: Russia
Entry: 179
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hi all. nice site. by.

Date: 21.09.2007
Author: Heather Keel
Country: United States
Entry: 178

Thank you so much for your labor of love for the Lord. It has definately blessed me. Keep up the good work and may God richly bless you.

Date: 11.09.2007
Author: Broughton
Country: USA
Entry: 177

Very good pictures. Keep up the good work. Keep spreading the gospel.

Date: 07.09.2007
Author: Renee France
Country: USA
Entry: 176

I just absolutely love this website, I am grateful for you that these pics are free. I will using them on my computer at work, I know that they will inspire anyone that walks by my desk when I am on break or lunch. I will be praying for you and I will look again soon for more pics.

Date: 06.09.2007
Author: Alex Scales
Country: United States
Entry: 175

Your website is awesome, I was looking for some good uplifting and inspirational Christian wallpapers and I found them at your website. Thank you so much!!! God Bless You!

Date: 24.08.2007
Author: Bernhard
Country: Netherlands
Entry: 174

You have a very nice website,
I'll put a link on my site to yours.
greetings from Holland

Date: 02.08.2007
Author: Adrian Lillywhite
Country: United Kingdom
Entry: 173

May God bless you for your work in producing this web site

Date: 01.08.2007
Author: Cheryl
Country: USA
Entry: 172

Hi there,
I was wondering if you take these photos yourself or if you find them elsewhere. You have inspired me to start a site of my own for the same reason you started yours. I am taking photography at The University of Mississippi and would like to use my own photos. What a blessing to use a talent to inspire others through God,s creation and His word! Thank you so much. In Christ always, Cheryl

Date: 24.07.2007
Author: Amarla
Entry: 171

beautiful pictures, really, but i don't like the phrases....
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