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Date: 12.10.2008
Author: Richard
Country: Singapore
Entry: 220

Many thanks
You doing some thing special in spreading the Word.
God Bless you.

Date: 04.10.2008
Author: Paul
Country: USA
Entry: 219

These are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Date: 30.09.2008
Author: PatC
Country: Canada
Entry: 218

Thank you for the lovely Scripture wallpaper for my computer

Date: 25.09.2008
Author: rajesh
Country: india
Entry: 217

that's great. thanks.

Date: 20.09.2008
Author: Arturo
Entry: 216

Really nice site. Easy to navigate and tastefull.

Date: 20.08.2008
Author: Drew
Entry: 215

Love your page! Great pictures with wonderful versus from the word of GOD!

Date: 19.08.2008
Author: Pst Vincent
Country: Kenya
Entry: 214

Well done, keep making a difference - Good job

Date: 19.08.2008
Author: Jeanne H Bloedel
Entry: 213

Very pleased to find lovely pictures especially with KJV passages. Thanks for your work!

Date: 16.08.2008
Author: Thomas George
Country: India
Entry: 212

The pictures are extremely beautiful.It is really a good work.God bless

Date: 09.08.2008
Author: Shire
Country: US
Entry: 211

Very nice pictures and inspiring verses.
May God Bless You.
If you are still working on more wallpapers, it would be nice to include some with less conspicous verses. That way the wallpapers would find more audience among those who love to keep them on but shy away from displaying vereses in bold on their pc. Bless you.
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