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I n the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.... (1 Genesis 1:1) That sounds simple, right? And it is. Perhaps too simple?

What was really happening at the beginning? A series of coincidences that took its course after a major explosion and eventually, after some million years, brought forth you and I? Perhaps this view has become the most popular one and most widely spread. However, there is yet the established order in nature, without which everything would end up in a chaos (= entropy). And how can an order arise out of a chaos, without any intelligence, without a creator? Nature is so unique, diverse and awesome and we are a part of it. The harmony, the interaction of plants, animals, nutrients and forces of nature make ​​me see God the Creator, and that every day. His creativity often leaves me in amazement. So together with other photographers, it is my joy to make the manifestation of it available to you, along with His word.

We trust these background pictures will bless and help you in your everyday life.

Daniel Krueger

And God said,
Let there be light:
and there was light.

Genesis 1:1

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